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Rural Water Well Drilling in Calgary & Southern Alberta

Aaron Drilling was established in 1979 by Brad Myers just south of Calgary, Alberta. Brad’s father, Pat Myers, owned and operated Stavley Water Wells, so Brad grew up around the industry, developing both a love for the work and the satisfaction that comes from providing people with water.


Brad ventured out on his own, starting Aaron Drilling in 1979, and along with the help of his wife, Donna, began building a solid reputation. Being an extremely hard worker, and insistent on quality, Brad and Aaron Drilling quickly gained a reputation around Calgary for providing quality service and expert advice.


When Fred Hager, owner and operator of Interprovincial Drilling, retired in 1989, Brad was given the opportunity to buy Fred’s company, combining Interprovincial with Aaron Drilling. Brad was fortunate. He was not only buying Fred’s equipment and drilling rigs but also gained Fred’s many years of experience and knowledge of this business.


Over the years, Brad relied on Fred’s willingness, knowledge and experience to take Aaron Drilling to the top of the water well drilling industry in Alberta. Brad earned a solid reputation and is very well respected in the water well drilling community. He is a front runner for protecting our groundwater and has established ground breaking methods and procedures in the industry, providing thousands of happy customers with
tremendous value and superior service.


Aaron Drilling has now switched hands and is owned and operated by Tyler Crawford, Fred Hager’s grandson, and Chris Quinlan, who has worked for Aaron Drilling since 1999. Over the years, Brad has passed on his knowledge and experience to Tyler, Chris and each and every one
of the people that have been employed by Aaron Drilling. He was always a caring and compassionate boss, and his former employees describe Brad as an easy guy to work for and someone who treats his employees like his family.


Under the leadership of Tyler and Chris, Aaron Drilling now employs some of the most knowledgeable, reliable, caring and skilled people in the industry, all thanks to Brad’s guidance. Adam Kingma is one of the best pump technicians in the industry. Chris Quinlan and Nicolas Corrigan are both skilled and competent water well drillers thanks to Brad’s teachings.


Aaron Drilling currently operates 2 drilling rigs, an industrial pump hoist and several service vehicles. Aaron drilling has provided excellent value to water well owners all over Alberta. 


Call us today so we can provide that same excellent value to you and your well system.

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