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Your Trusted Experts for Well Shocking Treatments in Calgary & Across Alberta 

Water well shock chlorination is a simple treatment to disinfect groundwater wells and inactivate harmful bacteria within the well and distribution system. It is a relatively inexpensive and straightforward procedure to control iron and sulphur bacteria in wells. Well shocking involves adding a large amount of chlorine to the water in the well and pumping it through the distribution system. The chlorinated water is left in the system till it is completely disinfected. While you can do it yourself, we strongly advise hiring our licensed experts at Aaron Drilling in Calgary to do a shocking procedure. We will ensure your water is treated quickly and effectively and perform every step with all necessary safety measures in place. Contact our team in Alberta today!

Since Aaron Drilling is committed to the professional development and treatment of water, one of our most precious natural resources, we have worked closely with Alberta Environment to employ proven methods that provide far more effective treatment than shock chlorination to your well. The pH-balanced chlorine treatment is 90% more effective than shock chlorination.


This program is set to cater to a clientele that enjoys the peace of mind that their well is being cared for every year to promote general health. The service is typically a 3-day process (of which you will be out of water) and is done from beginning to end by one of our qualified technicians. While there, we attain an annual window into your system and your water well performance, which can prove vital information in long-term data collection. A well maintenance history can then be supplied when the home is put up for sale to show potential buyers your commitment to your well, arguably the most valuable asset on your property.


To schedule your pH-balanced disinfection today, call Aaron Drilling at 403-938-4961.

pH Balanced Disinfections

When Should You Shock Chlorinate Your Well

Well shocking is an effective and affordable way to treat water and make it safe for drinking and usage. It is best to schedule this process at least once yearly to prevent biofouling, the slime build-up inside your toilet tank. Some other instances to shock chlorinate your well water are:

  • When you install a new well

  • When your well and water distribution system is repaired, cleaned or pumped

  • When your well has flooded to kill any disease-causing germs and organisms that might have entered during the flood

  • When the lab tests show the presence of coliform bacteria

Check out our photo gallery and testimonials to glimpse some of our completed projects.


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Have a look at our most commonly asked questions:

If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out to us.

  • Why Is Water Well Shocking Treatment Necessary?
    Water well shocking is essential to ensure the safety and palatability of a well's water supply. Over time, wells can become contaminated with bacteria, viruses, and other microbial threats. These contaminants can multiply without regular treatment, posing health risks to individuals consuming the water.
  • What Are the Common Contaminants That Well Shocking Treatment Can Remove?
    Well shocking treatments are designed primarily to combat microbiological contaminants. The process is also effective against certain viruses, iron bacteria, sulphur bacteria and some strains of algae and fungi.
  • How Often Should I Shock My Water Well?
    It depends on various factors ranging from the level and type of contaminants present, the volume of water used, and the local groundwater conditions. It's advisable to test the well's water at least annually. If results indicate contamination, a shocking treatment is warranted. Some scenarios might call for more frequent treatments, especially if contamination issues persist.
  • How Long Does the Well Shocking Process Take?
    The duration of the well shocking procedure varies based on the well's characteristics. Adding the disinfectant, commonly chlorine, into the well might take several hours. This duration can be affected by the well's size, depth, and associated distribution system. Once the disinfectant is applied, it must remain in the well and connected plumbing for a considerable period, often between 12 to 24 hours, to ensure comprehensive treatment.
  • Why Should You Hire a Professional for Well Shocking?
    Chlorine and similar disinfectants, while effective, can be hazardous if mishandled. Professionals are trained to manage these chemicals safely. Their expertise also extends to determining the precise disinfectant quantity tailored to a well's specifications. Moreover, they provide a holistic service, treating the well and the entire plumbing system to guarantee comprehensive contaminant removal.

 Professional Water Well Shock Treatments

Contact us to disinfect your water well or for well shocking services in Calgary and Across Alberta.

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