Your trusted rural water experts and well water shock treatments in Alberta 

Water well shock chlorination is a very basic treatment. It is mildly effective but can be performed by the home owner. Click here for step by step instructions. We recommend this treatment be done at a minimum if you intend to be a responsible well owner and want to have a clean
source of healthy drinking water.


pH Balanced Disinfections

Since Aaron Drilling is committed to the professional development of our most precious natural resource, we have worked closely with Alberta Environment to employ proven methods that provide a far more effective treatment than shock chlorination to your well. The pH balanced chlorine treatment is 90% more effective than shock chlorination.


This program is set to cater to a clientele that enjoys the peace of mind that their well is being taken care of on a yearly basis in an effort to
promote general well health. The service is typically a 3 day process (of which you will be out of water) and is done from beginning to end by one of our qualified technicians. While we are there, we attain an annual window into your system and your water well performance, as this can prove to be vital information in long-term data collection. A history of well maintenance can then also be supplied when the home is put up for sale to show the potential buyers your commitment to your well, arguably the most valuable asset on your property.


To schedule your pH balanced disinfection today, call Aaron Drilling at 403-938-4961.