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Water Well Abandonment Service in Calgary

When a well is no longer in use or isn't maintained correctly, it becomes an abandoned well. Abandoned wells can pose serious threats to groundwater quality and the safety of people and animals. That's where water well abandonment services come in. These services involve plugging abandoned water wells to prevent surface contamination and associated hazards.

At Aaron Drilling, we are committed to following all abandonment regulations established by Alberta Environment. Our goal is to ensure the sanitary abandonment of aquifers and the protection of our precious groundwater resources.

We've been serving water well owners in Calgary since 1979, providing excellent value and reliable water well services across Alberta. Our team consists of highly skilled and knowledgeable water pump technicians and water well drillers, each with years of experience. We utilize state-of-the-art equipment to deliver top-quality water well abandonment services in Calgary.

Please call 403-938-4961 for abandonment information or an abandonment estimate. We can assist you with both small residential wells and larger commercial wells.

Potential Consequences of Improper Well Abandonment

Improper abandonment of wells can have severe environmental, economic, and public health consequences. Here's a deeper look into some of the potential ramifications:

  • Groundwater contamination:
    Wells act as direct channels to underground aquifers. If a well isn't properly sealed, contaminants from the surface or the well's prior operations can migrate down the wellbore. This contamination can affect drinking water sources, rendering them unsafe for consumption. Once groundwater is contaminated, its restoration can be a costly and time-consuming, sometimes even unfeasible.


  • Soil degradation:
    Soil can suffer greatly from improperly abandoned wells, especially due to the leakage of oil, brine, or other drilling fluids. Such contaminated soils can significantly impact agriculture, leading to reduced crop yields and compromised food quality. In severe scenarios, the land could remain barren for prolonged periods, taking years to recover fully.


  • Methane leakage:
    Methane, a potent greenhouse gas, can escape from improperly sealed wells. Such leaks contribute to climate change and also represent a loss of a valuable energy resource. Additionally, accumulated methane from these leakages can pose explosive hazards in confined spaces and deteriorate air quality. Even if methane doesn't pose an immediate risk to groundwater or soil, its release has broader environmental implications.


  • Surface instabilities:
    Abandoned wells that aren't appropriately addressed can, over time, result in subsurface voids or instabilities. Such developments can lead to ground subsidence, such as sinkholes or other geohazards. These can endanger property, infrastructure, and even human lives.


  • Ecosystem disruption:
    The environmental footprint of improperly abandoned wells isn't confined to the soil and water. Contaminants can also harm local ecosystems. Harmful substances can accumulate in organisms, leading to adverse health effects and possibly causing reductions in species populations or local extinctions. As these toxins ascend the food chain, they can magnify, potentially affecting larger creatures and humans.


  • Economic implications:
    Improperly abandoned wells can also have deep-seated economic repercussions. From the costly cleanup of contaminants to the loss of resources, the economic toll can be significant. Affected regions may see a decline in property values due to contamination risks. 


Given the range and gravity of these potential consequences, it is crucial to contact a professional well-abandonment service to take care of the process with precision.​

What Should Landowners Know?

In Calgary, it is the landowners who are completely responsible for abandoning old unused water wells properly, as it can lead to contamination of the aquifer. If overlooked, they can be held legally liable for any personal injuries or contamination. Thus, as a landowner, you can legally protect yourself by ensuring old unused wells are abandoned properly. Hire experienced well drillers like us for efficient water well abandonment services in Calgary. Our well drillers use bentonite to fill and seal off these wells to prevent contamination of aquifers.

Importance of Water Well Abandonment Services

Water well abandonment is crucial for various reasons. It can help you in the following ways:

  • Preventing the downward movement of water in wells

  • Protecting contaminated surface water from reaching the aquifers

  • Stopping different quality aquifer water from intermixing

  • Reducing the risk of serious accidents

How Aaron Drilling Can Help

All over Calgary, many drilled and dug wells are no longer being used. At Aaron Drilling, we understand these pits present a significant hazard to our children and animals. If not treated correctly, these wells may become a conduit for contaminants to enter the local aquifer. These wells require abandonment, and Aaron Drilling helps you with that. Our skilled workers approach every project with safety in mind, communicate their plans to owners, and know how to mitigate the risks to deliver the best possible outcome.

Providing water well abandonment services is a demanding task that requires the right equipment. We understand the unique requirements of such projects and have the required tools and experience to decommission water wells. We have offered water well abandonment services to several clients across Calgary and the surrounding areas. We also provide other well-maintenance services such as shock treatments, mechanical rehabilitation and more. Take a look at our image gallery for your reference, and contact us for an estimate.

 Professional Water Well Abandonment Service in Calgary

Abandon the old or unused well on your property to keep health and safety hazards away.

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