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Sediment Filters, Flow Control & More Info about Your Well

The most conventional way to see what is happening down your well is to monitor your well’s input with an inline sediment filter. This gives us a
visual aid of the state of the water coming into the house.

If you do not have an inline sediment filter, you can look in your toilet tank. This acts like the water well environment, because when the toilet
is flushed, the water level is drawn down, exposing the tank walls to atmosphere. This is what happens in your well. When the pump is turned on, the water level is drawn down, and the bore hole is exposed to atmosphere, introducing oxygen to the well environment. This encourages bacterial growth and cascading which may compromise the natural bedrock formations that the water is being drawn from.

Before we can service a domestic well, the system requires some protection:

Flow Control: This is installed to ensure that the well does not get over pumped.

Isolation Valve: This is to ensure that there is no accidental introduction of chemical into the home.

Pump Tech: This is a piece of electrical equipment for your pump. It senses a no-water condition and shuts down the pump.

Inline Sediment Filter: This is your first line of defense. It will give you a visual aid of the water being pumped into your home and protect from

biofouling and sediment entering into the house lines.

If you have any questions about this protection equipment, call us at 403-938-4961 today.

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