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Water Well Testing in Calgary

Regular water well testing is crucial to ensure that you are drinking clean water. With thorough testing, you can spot problems before they become alarming for your health.

Have you been experiencing one or more of the following issues?

  • Impure well water in your area

  • Waterlogging, landfills near your well

  • Deterioration in taste, colour, or smell of your well water

  • Gastrointestinal infections among family members

  • A malfunctioning septic system

If yes, it is high time you get your water well tested by a professional and reliable well testing local business. Aaron Drilling is a highly trusted and reputable well water testing, installation, and maintenance service provider in Calgary and surrounding areas. Our certified technicians offer sustainable, cost-effective, and dependable solutions to your well water issues. Call our knowledgeable and experienced team for emergency or regular inspection jobs. We will be happy to serve you!

Our Services

The government recommends that you must have your well water checked at least once per year for any contaminants. If you have infants, pregnant women, or elderly people in your household, it is good to get your water well inspected on a more regular basis. At Aaron Drilling, we provide water well testing, which includes:

  • Flow rates from .3 to 1000+ imperial gallons per minute

  • Data logging with Solinst Levelogger®

  • Direct read capability for data

  • Digital flow meters by GPI

  • Whisperized generator

  • 24-hour hand monitoring available

  • Q20 reports

We are incorporated with interprovincial water well drilling contractors, and we can complete everything from flow tests to pump repairs. Call us today for your own water well testing appointment in Calgary.

What Is Included in Well Testing?

Well water must be tested regularly to prevent contamination, so you and your family remain disease-free. Well water testing can help you determine if there are any harmful impurities in the water so suitable remedial measures may be taken to clean it. Keep reading to know why testing your well water is important:

  • Harmful bacteria: Testing helps identify if harmful bacteria such as E.Coli and Legionella Pneumophila are present in the water. These bacteria cause severe illnesses in small children and elderly people.

  • Chemicals: Phosphates and nitrates may enter the well water and cause severe problems such as kidney failure and cancer.

  • Metals and trace elements: Radon is naturally found in the groundwater at small levels. However, sometimes it begins to increase beyond safe levels. Synch a condition may cause diseases like lung cancer.

  • To see if minerals are present in excessive quantities: A certain level of minerals such as calcium, magnesium, sodium, and iron is actually beneficial for health. However, very high levels of these minerals make the water hard, which causes skin irritation and hair fall.

  • To take corrective action: Identifying the problem is only half the work done. Testing aims to determine and execute a corrective action whenever needed.

Call us today to know more about us or to hire our reliable well water testing services. We will guide you on keeping your well water clean and contamination-free.

Test Your Water Well

Aaron Drilling offers professional well water testing services in Calgary. See if your well is operating at full capacity.

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